After Adam is a furniture collection created by Archer Humphryes in homage to the 18th century Scottish architect and designer Robert Adam.

The collection is characterised by classically influenced, sculptural forms with a modern twist. It was inspired by a field trip that the architects made to Diocletian's Palace in Croatia, a historic complex that formed part of Adam’s Grand Tour in 1780. The xx-piece collection, for Fratelli Boffi, was launched at the Salone Milano in 2014.

After Adam embodies long traditions of woodcarving, polishing, lacquering and marquetry, and applies them in a modern form with current technology to captivate a new audience. Each piece is immersed in historical references, creating striking, standalone designs for homes, hotels or restaurants.

The collection’s concept is the reinterpretation of the symbols and motifs of Adam’s work. To these, Archer Humphryes has added a careful touch of modern-day engineering, drawing on Fratelli Boffi’s artisan experience to create modules of elegant simplicity.

The result is an eccentric collection that is steeped in heritage but at the same time combines functionality and modern day comfort. A materials palette of woods, brass, bronze, silver, glass, and leather is coordinated with fluid contours and curvaceousness with the help of sophisticated details derived from the ébéniste tradition of cabinet making.

The majestic Four Tetrarchs table is the epitome of the entire collection. Measuring 3.5m in length, this elegantly combines rigorous classical proportions with charming decoration that strikes just the right balance between sobriety and excess. Yet at the same time it is ironic, joining the past and present through the use of unusual and playful contours.